Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime | By, Hilary Rose

Sweet Summertime | By, Hilary Rose

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Sweet Summertime | By, Hilary Rose

Sweet Summertime | By, Hilary Rose

Lemon Shorts: Draper James | Denim Shorts: Modcloth | Lemon Tee: Draper James | Bikini: BCA (2 colors) | Sunnies: Nordstrom BP | Hat: Target | Ring: Cassandra Collections (custom) | Sandals: Jack Rogers  | Towel: Linum Home Textiles | Watch: Daniel Wellington

I think I might have a slight lemon obsession…

Can you blame me though? What’s better than lemonade on a hot, sunny summer day?! Too bad here in Austin we have only been having cloudy, rainy, muggy summer days. We shot these looks last week and it was the first sunny day we have had in over a week. I’m ready for a real summer! Luckily, I’ll be traveling to Mexico in August, so I’ll get my perfect summer days there!! My friends and I booked a big trip to Cancun and I seriously can’t wait. Now, I’m currently looking for a cheap trip to take for 4th of July weekend. One of my favorite 4th of Julys was when I went with my bestie and our boys to Galveston. It was so chill and fun! We made patriotic sangria, played drinking games from our college days, and went to Pleasure Pier. We didn’t even go to the beach and we still had such an amazing time (not that Galveston beaches have much going for them).

Now that my Mexico trip is booked and official, I’ll be shopping for awesome beach wear, so be sure to check out my shop page! I’ll be updating it with my favorite vacation pieces that I’m coveting or may have already snagged 😉

Happy Monday!


Photos by: Effjay Photography

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