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Dress: Draper James | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Watch: Kate Spade NY | Bracelet: Forever 21

In movies and TV shows, there’s always been that joke about women becoming their mothers. For some reason, it’s always said in such a negative way, as if becoming your mother should be something you try to avoid your whole life. As for me, I’ve never felt that way. My mother is a classy, beautiful, strong, selfless, chic, giving, loving, caring women. She’s a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and a daughter who keeps our whole family together. She’s the kind of women anyone would be lucky to turn out to be like.

Also, on top of all that important stuff, she has the best style. As I’ve gotten older, I’m definitely starting to see how similar our styles are. We even have the same favorite color! This blue dress completely emulates her style. From it being her favorite shade of blue, to the southern brand, to the bow belted detail, it couldn’t be more her. When I was growing up I didn’t really see the similarity in our styles, but over the past few years, we have been sharing clothes more than ever. Almost every time I visit, I bring her clothes to borrow and end up stealing a few things from her closet. We also are both totally obsessed with the same brands! It’s so great.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I became just like my mom, I would be totally happy with that.


Photos by: Carlos Barrón Photography

8 thoughts on “Spring Blue

  1. This is such a beautiful dress, you look stunning! And I loved the words about your mother. I’m totally the same, I think my mother is beautiful inside and out, strong, loving and kind and I would love to be like her (and I most definitely am, hehe!) I guess Gilmore Girls is one of the only tv show that shows it’s good to be friends with your mother!

    xx Madeleine


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