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Blouse: Frenchi | Denim: Marshall’s (similar here, here and here) | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Sandals: Steve Madden (close) | Clutch: Deux Lux c/o

This week has been pretty weird for me! First of all, my roomie has been in NY and Mike had a bunch of studying to do, so it has been a lot of me hanging out with my pup (with wine, of course). Even when Mike is really busy, we always get to use these photoshoots as an excuse just to see each other for 15 minutes and then maybe drive through and get some dinner, but it has been raining off and on all week so we couldn’t do that either. Plus, bloggers don’t do happy hour when it rains because, duh, no good photos 😉

While it has been a little weird, it has also been nice to have some time to do things I haven’t done since starting my blog, like read for fun. I wasn’t huge on reading in high school or college, but since I graduated I started reading a lot and I’ve missed having time to do that! I just bought Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and I couldn’t be more pleased with it so far. She is so talented and funny, and if they don’t bring back The Mindy Project I’m gonna LOSE IT! That was the greatest show ever and it’s just like, gone now? I have been heartbroken to say the least.

Anyway, Mike’s test is over and my roomie is coming back on Friday and we are going on a double date to see Jurassic World at my favorite place in the entire world, Alamo Drafthouse! (I’m hoping if I talk about them enough that maybe they will give me like a lifetime pass or something. But I’m not desperate or anything…I’m not.) I can practically smell that carnivore pizza and bottomless popcorn 😀

OH! A little about this outfit (I guess that’s what you probably came here to read about, huh?) This clutch is my new favorite thing! If you haven’t heard of Deux Lux then check them out, especially if you’re an animal lover like me! They are animal-friendly, super cute, and sold all over in stores like Anthopologie and Nordstrom.

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