Seeing Red

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Dress: ASOS | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Kendra Scott (similar) | Sandals: Steve Madden

Can you believe the view up here?? One of my awesome photographers, Monique, found this gem and I was so excited to have her take me here! I love a beautiful view of the city, and since I live too far away from downtown Austin to get a good one, I love moments like these when I can soak in it’s beauty.

If you’ve ever wondered if bloggers actually wear the clothes from their posts, then I’m here to provide some insight. I’m sure everyone is different, but here’s my personal truth. No, I didn’t have a fabulous party to wear this dress to the night we took these photos, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie! Haha! When you work full time, you have to work with your schedule and that of your photographers to make time to take your blog photos. I can’t just be on my way to a party and call up Monique and be like “hey, meet me here in 5.” Nope. However, I do love this dress. I bought it because it’s on super sale and I fully intend on wearing it the next time I have a fancy dinner to go to. I live in Austin, there’s always fun stuff to do here! As for my other blog photos, I might buy an outfit just for a themed post every now and then, but 90% of the time I buy stuff because I wanted it and I wear it in real life. 🙂

This little tidbit about my blogging life is totally random, by the way. I personally have been feeling like I need to reevaluate some parts of my blogging life because of the viral story about Essena O’Neill. So much of what she said is true, and I want to make sure I’m being honest and true to myself (cheesy, I know) during this whole process. I work hard for the money I’m making blogging, though, and as long as I feel good about what I’m putting out there and I’m not lying to my readers, then I’m going to keep going and hope for the best. I’ve been having an absolute blast doing it! I’ve met some phenomenal people and had incredible experiences because of it.

P.S.- I’m going to be working on my website a little so my apologies if it looks weird at times!


Photos by: Monique RDZ Photography

4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. I love this post. I think it is so important to stay true to yourself and love what you do. Opening up and keeping it real about blogging is so admirable and make me love your account and blog even more!!

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