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Tee: Heather by Bordeaux | Denim: Target (splurge, save) | Clutch: Kate Spade NY (Marshalls, similar) | Booties: Sole Society | Scarf: Forever 21 (old, close)| Necklace: Bauble Bar (gone, look alike)

I decided to mix it up in a couple different ways. First, I ditched my normal waves and sported my natural, straight look. I hardly ever do this for a two reasons. 1. I didn’t learn do my hair until I was 21, so it’s still exciting for me when I curl it and it looks good, and 2. My hair is naturally straight so it kinda bores me. Every now and then, though, I like to wear it straight because it’s what I was born with! I tried a minimal make-up look to go with my smooth locks, with no lip and a neutral eye shadow instead of my more dramatic lids.

Second, I did a little pattern mixing. I think it’s true that leopard has become a neutral, so I had some fun and paired this scarf (that I scored for an awesome deal at Forever 21) with this blue striped tee. I added just a touch of the gold jewelry, as I most often do, and a pair of suede booties. I love the fun cut-out heel! It’s just right for these random Texas winters we have. It says “winter in the front, summer in the back.” lol 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mixing it Up

  1. You look so chic and casual in these photos! I have naturally straight hair too but I’m really not very good at doing anything with it so I always just wear it straight haha :p I can’t wait for your tutorial!


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