Lemon Zest

By, Hilary Roses Lemon Zest

By, Hilary Rose Lemon Zest

By, Hilary Roses Lemon Zest



By, Hilary Roses Lemon Zest




By, Hilary Roses Lemon Zest

By, Hilary Roses Lemon Zest

Shorts: LOFT (30% off!) | Wedges: Dolce Vita | Tote: Cesca (3 colors) | Lemon Bodysuit: Forever 21 (sold out, similar here, here, and here)

Lemon Zest one-piece for the win! Actually, what looks like a one-piece swim suit is technically a bodysuit, but the material is totally swim suit material, so I just went for it.

Bodysuits are my new favorite trend for Spring and Summer. Confession alert! I have a pretty bad case of scoliosis, which is a spinal condition that can affect your body in all kinds of ways. In my case, my curve is worse in the lower part of my back, which has made my torso shorter than it should be, my back muscles significantly weaker on my right side, and caused my hips to be uneven. What does this have to do with wearing bodysuits? Well, I’ve always had problems tucking my shirts because my skirt or shorts would ride up on one side, untucking the shirt and making me look frumpy. Any other girls with scoliosis know the struggles? Because of this, bodysuits are the best thing ever for me! They stay in place when my bottoms ride up so I don’t have to constantly adjust them. I’m really lucky that my condition was never bad enough for me to need surgery. I’ll throw out my back every now and then when I try out new exercises or be uncomfortable sitting on hard surfaces for too long, but that’s nothing compared to what some people have to go through.

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. I’ve got the Culturemap Austin Tastemaker Awards tomorrow and Mike is graduating this weekend! I’m so proud of him. He’s an actor (Wes Baxter in American Crime and Davis in the soon-to-be film Bomb City) so he is so happy to be done with school so he can focus on his new career.

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Photos by: Effjay Photography

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