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Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger (borrowed from my mom, similar) | Denim: 7 for all mandkind | Necklace: J.Crew (gone, very close) | Bag: Kate Spade (love this affordable alternative!) | Sandals: Michael Antonio | Gold rings: Gorjana (from my Rocksbox) | Opal ring: Kendra Scott | Silver ring: Pandora (my favorite because my honey got it for me) | Bracelet: Kendra Scott (sold out in pink, other colors here) | Watch: Kate Spade

I’ve been feeling so amazing lately!

Do you ever just feel like you’re right where you’re supposed to be and everything makes sense? A lot of it has to do with getting the hang of blogging. When I first started I was often stressed about trying to find time to get pictures and worried about judgement and how everything I put out there was going to be received. I also spent so much time on it that I wasn’t doing other things that I needed to do (like go to the grocery store or do laundry). I tried to make it as fun as I could, because that was the whole point in starting it, but it was just so hard to relax about it! Anyway, I am so happy to say that I’m finally relaxing! I feel like I’ve found out the best way to balance my time and everything is working out well. Also, being involved in the Instagram blogging community is by far one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. Everyone is so stinking sweet and sincere, I feel like I’ve made hundreds of new friends! Without them, I wouldn’t have half the confidence in what I’m doing. They truly lift me up in such an amazing way.

I also need to say how lucky I am to have Mike and my family there to help me with pictures too, I don’t know how people could blog without that kind of help! I certainly couldn’t afford to pay a photographer to do all these pictures for me, and they just let me pay them in love! 🙂

Speaking of my mom, she is absolutely the most classic, chic woman in the world. This top I borrowed from her is 14 years old, she bought it when I was 10! Gingham is the hottest spring trend right now and she was way ahead of the game. Like, what?! Way to go, Mom! I know I say it a lot, but I love that we can share clothes.

I feel like this post is a little bit scattered, but you get the picture! I’m just feeling incredibly blessed and happy and wanted to share that with everyone!

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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