I Feel Pretty









Skirt: Dillards (last season, close) | Top: Romeo and Juliet Couture (from Neiman Marcus Last Call, love this!) | Sandals: Abound (all gone, these are gorg) | Necklace: Slate (from my Rocksbox)

If working on any blog outfit could possibly make me feel better, it’s this one! I’ve been feeling sick all week and it finally hit me so hard this morning, but luckily I had this bright, princess-y outfit from my Dallas photoshoot a while back just waiting to be posted. I don’t think I could have possibly edited any photos today.

I would be lying if I said I had somewhere to wear this fantastic outfit. Maybe if I lived in New York or something, but alas, there’s just no where I would feel comfortable wearing a tulle skirt in Austin, Texas. I’m just too much of a jeans kind of girl! That aside, it really did make me feel like a princess, and being a blogger means I get to wear fun outfits like this even if I don’t have anywhere to wear them 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’m going to bed now so I can hopefully get over this sickness!