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Tote: Hammitt Los Angeles | Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Steve Madden | Watch: Kate Spade NY | Sunnies: Karen Walker

I love discovering new brands. I sometimes have the tendency to find favorites and stick with them because I know I’m going to love them, but then I’ll find brands like Hammitt and it opens my eyes a little! This tote is not only gorgeous, you can also just feel the quality of the materials and know it’s going to last forever. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something that falls apart after a few uses. It doesn’t matter if you only spent $20 on it, to me, it’s about the principle. I could have used that $20 on a nice bottle of wine and felt better about it than a crappy bag whose handle breaks or a blouse that gets ruined after one wash. As a blogger, I’ve especially had to remind myself of how bad it feels when I waste money on clothes. It’s tempting to buy a lot of cheap things, since I have to wear a lot of new things, but I’ve figured out how to budget better so I can still invest in nicer pieces.

Do you have any new brands you’ve discovered lately?


Photos by: Rachel Arnhart Photography

5 thoughts on “Hammitt Girl

  1. I meant to ask in my last comment, how did you learn how to budget better when it came to spending on clothes? Again, it’s so hard not to want to buy new things all the time as a blogger… So what have you changed??

    Xo Ashton

    1. Forever 21 can be tricky for sure! I’ve found OK quality things there before, but you definitely have to dig haha. The biggest change I’ve made has been keeping track of every little thing I buy and think about when I’ll have time to photograph it. If I don’t have time to photograph it that month, I’ll wait until next month to buy! The also helps me buy only the things I really want instead of impulse purchasing random things that add up. Hope that helps!

  2. Oh my gosh this is SO true. I am a new blogger (from Austin might I add 😊) and it’s so hard not to spend money on cheap clothing! I just went to Forever 21 for the first time in sooo long and dropped a little too much on items that aren’t going to last me (ugh). Of course this post popped up on my feed at the right time to tell me “stop spending on cheap items!!” Anyways, I’m loving your blog 🙂

    Xo Ashton Paige

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