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Woohoo! Y’all, I know. It’s about time, right? I’ve been promising you a hair tutorial for months and I’ve finally gotten around to it! I’ll be taking you step by step of how I do my soft curls and talk about a few products I use to keep my hair long, strong, and healthy. Let’s get started!


First, we start with clean, dry hair. I like to wash my hair a few hours before I need to do my hair for a big event because it tends to stay longer than if I curl it right after I shower. I have pretttty thick hair and it doesn’t like to stay curled too long, so I’ll also be throwing in a few tips to makes your curls stay longer.


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Oh look at that, a bundle o’ products! If you follow me on Snapchat, I talked a little but about why I love Mane n’ Tail products, but I’ll let you know again. Mane n’ Tail shampoos and conditioners were first only used on horses (I used to use it for my horse when I had one in junior high/high school) and then they developed a formula that people could use! The creators discovered that their formula was great for aiding in hair growth and strength, and it left it super shiny, so obviously when that got out everyone wanted to try it, including me. I totally noticed a difference in my hair after a few uses and I’ve added their products to my hair routine ever since.

Now, time to start curling.


Brush your hair and get out all the tangles. This will make your curls looks neater in the end.


Time to decide how tight you want your curls and to consider your particular hairstyle. If you have a lot of  layers, you’ll want to separate your hair into more sections so you can curl them all the way down and the ends won’t look funky. I’ve grown out most of mine, so I do a total of 7 sections (three on my non-parted side and 4 on my parted side). If you want tighter curls, do more sections. For looser, casual waves, you’ll do less. Once you pick your first section, mist it lightly with hairspray.



Now it’s time to curl. Start wrapping the back section of hair over the top of the wand, starting at about your hairline. Starting lower gives your hair that “beachy” style. Wrap your hair all the way down, letting it twist naturally, until you reach the end of the section. This is where you need to be really careful. Grab the section of hair by the very end and get it as close to the wand without burning yourself. If you’ve never used a wand before, maybe try using a glove. I’ve burned myself so many times that I’ve become fearless, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a newbie.


Lol, awkward picture of me, but it shows an important step. I always hold my curl in my hand for 5-10 seconds and let it cool because it helps the hair “freeze” in place and stay longer. Just a little trick of the trade.


After it cools, grab the next section and keep on moving. Notice I’ve started this curl a little higher because it’s closer to my face. I do this to help frame the style.



Almost done! Just keep curling, just keep curling…


And voila! Look at that, we’re all curled up! I personally don’t like the feeling of any hairspray clumps, which can happen even if you use minimal spray, so afterwards I like to run a thick-toothed comb or my fingers through it so that it’s nice a touchable.



There we go! Same nice curls but a little softer and less crunchy.

Thanks for joining me for this tutorial! I hope it was helpful, and I hope you try it out! Leave some comments if you have any questions.


Photos by: Carlos Barrón Photography

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  1. YAY! Finally is right 🙂 I love your hair and this tutorial is perfection! My friend used to be a hair model for Loreal (10 years ago…so not sure what it is today) and I think YOU should be doing that. And 100% of your followers would agree! Cheers lady! So fun.

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