Goodnight Macaroon









Blouse: Goodnight Macaroon (c/o) | Shorts: Modcloth | Sandals: Jack Rogers

All gingham everything, please! This shirt is so my style it’s insane. I mean, hello, it’s a gingham crop top with a ruffled low back and cute sleeves. What’s not to love? Gingham is in my opinion the all-time best print for summer. It makes me feel so fresh and southern-chic.

I’ve also found my favorite pair of denim shorts! I usually invest in one pair a year because they become my go-to when it gets unbearably hot here in Texas, and I’m so excited to have found these. I always pick out high-waisted shorts because you can wear them with crop tops, plus they’re way more flattering than low-risers. I also tend to go for the shorts that roll up at the hem. I think it looks a bit more polished than cut-offs so it makes them more versatile. The overall style is pretty casual in Austin, so you can wear denim shorts to go out if you wear them with the right top. I remember being in college at UT and discussing with my friends what we would wear downtown, and we would always try not to dress up too much once classes were out for the summer because we didn’t want to look like we were trying too hard haha! I feel like it’s kind of still the same way now.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I for one am SO happy that rain isn’t in the forecast this week. It finally feels like summer has begun.

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