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 Rain boots: Roma | Blouse: Seasons with Allie c/o | Denim: 7 for all mankind | Umbrella: Kate Spade (outlet, this is fun!) | Bangles: Beads and Burlap c/o | Necklace: Kendra Scott (sold out in gold, here in silver)

Let’s talk about Roma rain boots.

Giving poverty the boot means joining together and using a love of fashion to give back. It was established in Dallas, TX in 2010 by Romanian-born Samuel Bistrian. Here’s a little bit of background on him. Samuel grew up in the remote village of Benesti in pre-revolutionary Romania, where he experienced first hand the struggles one faces growing up in poverty in a communist ruled country. And though Bistrian and his family immigrated to the United States when he was only eight, his parents taught him and his eleven brothers and sisters to never forget their humble beginnings, to display gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them and to always give back to those less fortunate. So for the next twenty years, giving back is exactly what Bistrian set out to do.

Throughout college, Bistrian dedicated much of his free time to causes and organizations he believed in. Often traveling to poverty-stricken countries where he assisted with the building of schools and orphanages, Bistrian spent his summer breaks serving in Romania or offering assistance to abandoned children in Colombia. Then in 2001, Bistrian returned to Romania for the first time since moving to America and though the country was no longer under communist rule, poverty still remained. As he witnessed street children trudging through the rain and snow with inadequate shoes or too often no shoes at all, Bistrian knew he had to help.

Upon graduating college, Bistrian took a job with Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas where he worked over the next decade. During this time he continued his service to those in need by sending clothes, shoes and clothing and taking annual trips back to Romania. However, it never seemed to be enough. In 2009 while working at Neiman Marcus he met Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. Bistrian was very inspired by his story and in 2010 decided to take the experience and knowledge he gained working in retail fashion and merge it with the humanitarian efforts he held so close to his heart to create a charity based company that could give back on a grander scale – and with the help of friends and family, Roma Boots was finally born.

It’s simple, for every pair of boots you buy, a pair stuffed with school supplies is donated to a child in need in an impoverished country. Roma’s ultimate goal is not only to provide aid, but to educate. Ten percent of all sales proceeds go to the Roma For All Foundation to help these impoverished children break out of their cycle of poverty and despair. By doing so we will empower them to contribute their gifts & talents to society, eradicate poverty as a condition and a state of mind to make this world a better place. With the help of many giving people, Roma has been able to donate thousands of boots over the last four years in 20 countries on four continents. May 1st they will be returning to Guatemala for another boot drop!

I can’t think of a better way to give back. After all, everyone needs a pair of rain boots, so why not choose a brand that gives back in such a huge way! It makes me smile thinking of the little kiddo that will have warm, dry feet to walk to school because of the pair that I bought. 

As a little encouragement, use the code “byhilaryroma” for 25% off an order!

I hope you’ll consider helping out 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Photos by: Justin James Photography

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  1. That is so amazing what Samuel is doing with his company! Those boots are so adorable and the fact that you can help out impoverished communities by buying a pair is awesome. Also, your outfit is gorgeous. The details on you top are just, for a lack of a better word, amazing.

    Running Alyssa

  2. First off you look so very lovely. These rain boots are too cute and I adore that they are for such a good cause. So true too, everyone needs at least one pair of rain boots so why not chose a brand that also gives back. A win-win situation!

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