Cozy Pink Awesomeness










Sweater: Harlowe and Graham | Boots: Old Navy (sold out, very similar) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Jeans: Jag Jeans

I found THE perfect fall sweater. This baby is soft, cute, classic, and not made of wool! I have the most sensitive skin, especially around my neck and chest, so if a sweater is made of even¬†1% wool, I end up scratching and itching all day long. Also, it’s in one of my favorite colors, blush.

This weekend, as you all know, is Halloween, and I can’t wait!! Mike and I have been working on our costumes all weekend (as in searching for them online haha). We thought we were taking the easy route with this one but it’s turning out to be really difficult! I guess you’ll have to see if it works out on Saturday, but either way, we are going to find something awesome. I love Halloween so much, but I’m also a horrible procrastinator so my costumes are never quite as good as I want them to be. Mike and I didn’t even dress up last year!! I know..¬†despicable.

Happy Halloween week, everyone!


Photos by: Monique RDZ Photography

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