How-To Be the Picture-Perfect Wedding Guest

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

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Wedding season is in full swing! If you’re like me, you have gotten your fair share of wedding invites in the mail, or you’ve been invited to be someone’s plus-one. When you’re at an event that is as fun as a wedding, it can be easy to treat it like a party, but it’s important to remember that you’re attending an extraordinarily special day in a couple’s life.  That being said, you definitely want to be the picture-perfect wedding guest and make sure your presence is adding only positivity to the day.

Here are my 5 tips on how-to be the picture-perfect wedding guest:

#1 Respect Any Requests

It’s important to remember that any requests the couple have for the day of their wedding are carefully thought out and mean a lot to them. No one wants to make a bunch of “rules” for their wedding, so if they decide to have any, they’re important to respect.

Many ceremonies are “unplugged” now, meaning the couple doesn’t want you on your phone because they want you to be present. Phones can also be a huge distraction. I was at a wedding recently (the one from these photos, actually) and the ceremony was unplugged, and yet there were dozens of people snapping photos throughout the entire thing, some even with flash! I’ve also been to an adults-only wedding, where the couple requested that guests not bring their children, and people still brought their kids. It’s just not good etiquette to disrespect the wishes of the couple who have spent a lot of time and money to host a lovely wedding for you to attend, so read your invitation carefully and check for any signs upon arrival that might mention a request the couple has for the day.

#2 Be Social

If you’re someone’s plus-one for a wedding where you don’t know the couple, do your best to be social and talk with people you don’t know. The person who invited you will likely know a lot of people, and instead of clinging to their side, make some new friends and let your plus-one make their rounds saying hello.

#3 Watch Your Drinking

Open bars can be dangerous. While the couple definitely wants you to have a great time, that doesn’t mean you need to go ham. Don’t be the sloppy guest who embarrasses themselves by getting sick or acting inappropriate.

#4 Be Fun

If there aren’t a lot of people on the dance floor and your date asks you to dance, you should go! The couple wants everyone there to be having a good time, and if no one is dancing, it can be stressful or upsetting for them. Think about how you would feel if you threw a party and no one danced all night. You would feel like it was a bust, right? It’s such a seemingly small thing that can really mean a lot to the couple hosting the wedding.

#5 Respect the Dress Code

Make sure you find out what the formality of the wedding is and dress appropriately for it. Dressing appropriately is a sign of good manners (as my mom always said), so it’s not good manners to be the wedding guest who shows up under or over dressed. This shows that you either weren’t paying attention to the dress code or you didn’t care, and that’s not a good impression to leave. It also can make your date look bad if they invited you and you look way out of place. For a more detailed wedding attire guide, check out this post.

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

maid of honor checklist MOH wedding season

Weddings are SO MUCH FUN! It’s a time to get together with all your friends, score some awesome free food, dance the night away, and celebrate an extraordinary milestone in a loved one’s life.

If you’re part of the wedding party, you’ll have just as much fun (if not more) but weddings, and the months before, also come with some very important responsibilities. I just recently was the Maid of Honor for my best friend’s wedding (pictured above) and everything is fresh on my mind. I did a lot of research beforehand, but there’s nothing like being there on the actual wedding day and seeing all the things that you can assist with.

So, whether you’re the Maid of Honor, or a bridesmaid who feels like they are able to pick up some slack for a busy MOH, here is my ultimate Maid of Honor checklist.

Before the Wedding:

#1 Plan the Bachelorette Party

This is probably the most fun duty you’ll have! Start planning as far in advance as possible so you can accommodate as many girls as you can, try to keep it budget-friendly, and keep the bride’s interests in mind. If you need some help with the logistics (I definitely did, thanks Jen), reach out to a bridesmaid. You’re probably not an expert vacation planner, and it will end up being a lot better overall if you have another person there helping you.

#2 Keep a Record of the Gifts at the Shower

When the bride opens gifts at the bridal shower, sit close and hand her new gifts to open and keep track of who they’re coming from for the thank-you notes. A lot of registries can keep track of the gifts for you now, but there will always be off-registry gifts or people who forget to include a card and will just shout out that it was from them.

#3 Help Shop for Bridesmaids Dresses

There are so many details when it comes to planning a wedding, and one opinion the bride usually wants from her MOH is on the bridesmaids dresses. Go with her to a shop and try on dresses for her so she can see how they look and give your honest opinion without being pushy.

#4 Check in on the Bridesmaids

As it gets closer to the big day, check in on the girls and make sure they’re all good. They might need your help picking a seamstress, shoe recommendations, or guidance with the schedule. Shoot them a text or an email individually and remind them of the big things they need and also ask if there is anything you can do to help them. You’re also there to help the bridesmaids because they won’t be quite as informed of the logistics as you are.

#5 Attend All Pre-Wedding Parties

Unless you have a very good excuse, it’s important to be there and support the bride and groom at any pre-wedding celebrations planned. This is probably the easiest task, because the bride is either your closest friend or sister, and there’s no where else I’d rather be than there by her side at every party.

Wedding Morning/Pre-Ceremony:

#6 Be the Bride’s Assistant:

There are going to be a million things happening the day of the wedding. Women will be everywhere trying to talk to and fawn over the bride, schedules will tight and probably hectic, and it’s your job to do every little thing you can think of to make sure everything runs smoothly so the bride can concentrate on enjoying her day.

Instead of constantly asking her what you can do to help, pay attention to the schedule and tasks of the day and know what needs to be done already and just do it. Stay close by and pay attention to her stress level, too, so you can pick up on little things you can do to help that will be one less thing for her to do. If it’s getting close to time to leave for the venue, start packing up all the important items she needs. If someone needs to meet the photographer in the lobby, stop what you’re doing and go down there. If you can’t possibly do everything yourself, it’s also completely fine to ask the other bridesmaids to help! They love the bride too and also want the day to go well, so ask them to take care of specific jobs and just follow-up to make sure it happens.


#7 Give a Toast

It’s your moment to shine! Along with the Best Man, the Maid of Honor gives a toast at the reception, so, prepare your speech ahead of time, make it meaningful, and keep it tasteful. Now’s not the time to tell embarrassing stories or bring any discomfort to the bride or groom. Make it however long or short you want, but take it seriously and do the best you can.

#8 Assist With The Dress

Learn how to bustle the dress beforehand so you’re not frantically figuring it out the day of the wedding, arrange her train when she walks up to her place at the ceremony, and, unless the photographer has an assistant who can help, arrange her dress and veil during the portraits after the ceremony. Be there to help her in the bathroom if there is a spill or tear, and if she changes out of the dress before she leaves the venue, make sure it returns safely to the hotel or is put in the hands of the friend/family member keeping it for her.

#9  Be the “I’ll grab it” Girl

The bride shouldn’t have to keep anything on her during the wedding, so keep whatever you can for her in your purse and pockets, and for the things that won’t fit, be the one who says “I’ll grab it”. She might need lipstick or other touch-ups for her makeup, she might need her phone, she might need her flat shoes because her feet are hurting; whatever it is, be the one who stops what you’re doing and helps out by grabbing it for her so she isn’t running around.

#10 Do Final Checks for the Bridesmaids

Make sure they have on all their jewelry, their dresses are steamed, they each have a bouquet, and they’re also having a good time. They’ll be eager to help now, too, but it’s your job to do the more difficult tasks so they can have fun with the bride and also help her stay calm and happy.

#11 Take Care of the Bridal Suite

Go back after the send-off and make sure no one left any belongings behind in the suite and also gather the bride’s things. She’ll have a lot of items she needed to get ready, like makeup, hair supplies, extra shoes, and probably her phone, so it’s the Maid of Honor’s duty to get it all together and either take it back to the hotel yourself or give it to her closest family member.

Hope this checklist helps any of you who are going to be a Maid of Honor soon or any time in the future!