How-To Monogram like a Southerner

how to monogram like a southerner wedding gift south etiquette personalized present

“My rule is, if it’s not moving, monogram it.” – Reese Witherspoon

Well said, Reese. I was raised in the South, and in the South, most babies don’t get through their first day on earth without being swaddled in a monogrammed blanket or cozied up in a monogrammed beanie. Then, as time goes by, you’re heading to Sunday School in a monogrammed sundress, receiving silver monogrammed picture frames for your debutante ball, hanging a monogrammed sign on your dorm room door, and eventually, monogramming towels for your best friend’s wedding. It’s a part of Southern woman’s life from day one, and nothing is worse than doing it wrong.

So, if you’ve ever been shopping for a personalized gift and wondered if you were about to get a monogram wrong, this post is for you! In the descriptions, I talk about the most common way to use each one, but all the examples I show are acceptable.

Personal Monograms:how to monogram like a southerner wedding gift south etiquette personalized present

  • A standard personal monogram has three initials (first, middle, last). For a female, you can put them all in order in the same font and size, or you can put them in first, last, middle, with the last name initial bigger than the other two. For males, you would only put them all in order and the same size. (This is debated, but Southerners will usually agree that having the larger last name in the middle is used for women only).
  • For a single woman with only two names (no middle name, no second last name or hyphenated name) it would go in order first, last and always the same size.
  • For a single woman with no middle name and two last names, putting them all in order is safest practice. However, some girls will have one of their last names that they go by more frequently, and that is the one that can be larger in the middle. So, it would be first name, commonly known last name, lesser known last name.
  • For a single woman with a hyphenated last name, you would put all initials in order with a dash between the two last names.

Even after a woman is married, monogramming items that will be used exclusively by her and not her partner (stationary for example) are a little different. In this case, you’ll use her married name, however she decided to take it, but you won’t include her partner’s first name like you would on a joint gift like towels or linens. You would either use her maiden name if she took her partner’s last name, or her middle name.

  • For a married woman who took her husband’s last name, it would be first name, married last name, maiden name, or you can use her middle name instead of her maiden name.
  • For a married woman who hyphenated her last name, it would be first name, middle name, maiden name, dash, then married last name.

Couple Monograms:

how to monogram like a southerner wedding gift south etiquette personalized present

  • For an opposite sex couple where the woman took her husband’s last name, you put her first initial, their married name in the middle larger, and the husband’s first initial at the end.
  • For an opposite sex couple where the woman kept her maiden name, you put her first initial, followed by her maiden name and her husband’s last name larger with a dash between, followed by the man’s first initial.
  • For a female same sex married couple, you can put both of their last names together the same size, or you can put their first initials with a plus sign between. Same goes for a male same sex couple.

how to monogram like a southerner wedding gift south etiquette personalized present

 I hope this will help you the next time you’re shopping for a gift and a monogram will add that special, personalized touch. For other things a Southern woman does, check out this post of mine!

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How-To Be the Picture-Perfect Wedding Guest

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

how to be the picture perfect wedding guest, wedding season, wedding outfit, summer dress

Dress | Clutch | Earrings | Sandals | Lip

Wedding season is in full swing! If you’re like me, you have gotten your fair share of wedding invites in the mail, or you’ve been invited to be someone’s plus-one. When you’re at an event that is as fun as a wedding, it can be easy to treat it like a party, but it’s important to remember that you’re attending an extraordinarily special day in a couple’s life.  That being said, you definitely want to be the picture-perfect wedding guest and make sure your presence is adding only positivity to the day.

Here are my 5 tips on how-to be the picture-perfect wedding guest:

#1 Respect Any Requests

It’s important to remember that any requests the couple have for the day of their wedding are carefully thought out and mean a lot to them. No one wants to make a bunch of “rules” for their wedding, so if they decide to have any, they’re important to respect.

Many ceremonies are “unplugged” now, meaning the couple doesn’t want you on your phone because they want you to be present. Phones can also be a huge distraction. I was at a wedding recently (the one from these photos, actually) and the ceremony was unplugged, and yet there were dozens of people snapping photos throughout the entire thing, some even with flash! I’ve also been to an adults-only wedding, where the couple requested that guests not bring their children, and people still brought their kids. It’s just not good etiquette to disrespect the wishes of the couple who have spent a lot of time and money to host a lovely wedding for you to attend, so read your invitation carefully and check for any signs upon arrival that might mention a request the couple has for the day.

#2 Be Social

If you’re someone’s plus-one for a wedding where you don’t know the couple, do your best to be social and talk with people you don’t know. The person who invited you will likely know a lot of people, and instead of clinging to their side, make some new friends and let your plus-one make their rounds saying hello.

#3 Watch Your Drinking

Open bars can be dangerous. While the couple definitely wants you to have a great time, that doesn’t mean you need to go ham. Don’t be the sloppy guest who embarrasses themselves by getting sick or acting inappropriate.

#4 Be Fun

If there aren’t a lot of people on the dance floor and your date asks you to dance, you should go! The couple wants everyone there to be having a good time, and if no one is dancing, it can be stressful or upsetting for them. Think about how you would feel if you threw a party and no one danced all night. You would feel like it was a bust, right? It’s such a seemingly small thing that can really mean a lot to the couple hosting the wedding.

#5 Respect the Dress Code

Make sure you find out what the formality of the wedding is and dress appropriately for it. Dressing appropriately is a sign of good manners (as my mom always said), so it’s not good manners to be the wedding guest who shows up under or over dressed. This shows that you either weren’t paying attention to the dress code or you didn’t care, and that’s not a good impression to leave. It also can make your date look bad if they invited you and you look way out of place. For a more detailed wedding attire guide, check out this post.