Black Embroidery

By, Hilary Rose








Blouse: ASOS US (sold out in most sizes, similar items here and here) | Denim: M.i.h Jeans | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Kendra Scott (close)

I’m usually not a fan of black. And by that I mean, I pretty much avoid the color like the plague. I think the reason goes all the way back to when I was in 7th grade and someone told me that with my dark hair and light skin, I looked gothic in black. Silly, I know, but Middle School was a rough time for me. I was very impressionable! I had all kinds of insecurities. Lucky for me, big eyebrows came back in style, but can you imagine these suckers on a 12-year-old who didn’t know how to pluck properly?? Trust me, it was a disaster. I didn’t have a unibrow per se, but it was definitely a Princess Diaries Mia Thermopolis situation. Kids called me caterpillar face. No joke. I over-plucked for years and years because of that comment. I was also taller than most boys, still figuring out how to wear my hair in styles other than a pony tail, and trying to cope with the fact that I would never be a cool volleyball girl because I could only play golf. I definitely listened closely to any criticism, and if it involved something easy like not wearing black so I wouldn’t look gothic, you can bet that’s what I did.

It’s silly to think that after all this time I still remember comments like that from when I was so young, but I guess that’s just how we are sometimes. We believe the bad things people say about us before all the good things. Mike has said many times that he loves me in black (shoutout to my man because today’s his 23rd birthday!), and yet I still don’t feel that great in it. How stupid is that?? This blouse is black and it’s freaking cute!!

To any younger girls out there who are still dealing with this stuff (trust me, most girls at my age are confident and mature enough to support each other) just remember who you are and stay true to that. Don’t listen to people who are mean to you because if they’re pointing fingers at you then they’re just trying to hide their own self-doubt. I thought this message was good for today since it’s International Women’s Day! Let’s support each other, ladies!

Okay, rant over! Happy Tuesday!


Photos by: Carlos Barrón Photography

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  1. Hi, I just recently found you on Instagram and knew I had to look up your blog! Your style is the perfect mix of classy, elegant, and feminine and I absolutely love it! Even though I love fashion, I don’t usually have time to look at fashion blogs but I am quickly becoming obsessed with your blog! I was wondering if you could share how you do your curls in an upcoming blog? I think they are beautiful and I would love to know how you achieve them. Love your blog so much!

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