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It’s been a hard couple of weeks, y’all. I debated about whether or not I should talk about what’s going on because 1. I wondered if people cared or if they would rather not hear about it and 2. I’m already not a huge sharer so I felt a little uncomfortable talking about it. However, after much debate, I decided I wanted to talk about what’s going on. I mostly came to this decision because I’m a huge believer in the power of prayer. I happen to be blessed with a few thousand followers on Instagram, and I can’t think of a better way to use that than helping those that I love, and that’s what I needed to do.

So, two things were happening the last few week. The first seems a bit silly now that it’s over, but long story short I found a lump in my breast and had to get a biopsy (it came back negative). I found it myself while doing a not-so-routine self check up, which will totally become routine now, and totally freaked. I went to the doctor a couple days later, got an ultrasound and mammogram, and after being seen by a surgeon in my hometown they decided a biopsy was necessary. Most of the people I know who have found lumps or irregularities ended up just having an ultrasound or mammogram and got sent on their way, so the fact that they thought a biopsy was necessary on someone my age was just terrifying to me. I was torn up thinking about the worst possible scenarios, as most people do, and was so worried until something worse happened. I got a text that my mom had to be hospitalized.

She’s doing SO much better now, but last week she was having some complications from a surgery she had recently and was in so much pain that she thought it would be best if she got everything checked out. Turns out she had some major issues (I won’t get into it because she probably won’t even like that I’m talking about it at all). For anyone who has been there, there really is nothing worse than seeing your parents in pain, is there? They’re supposed to take care of you, not the other way around!! I’m so upset that this is happening to her, but I’m so proud of the attitude she has had toward it. All she keeps saying is how so many people have it worse than her, which I know is true but it’s hard to think that way when you see your sweet mamma struggling. I’m so glad that she’s getting better, but she can still use all your prayers and good thoughts to help her recover fully.

I just know that all the prayers from everyone that reached out to me has been helping, and I want to thank everyone for that! I’m just hoping that she will continue getting better soon and be her healthy, happy, crazy self again.

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  1. The power of prayer truly is amazing! So happy things came back all good in your case, & hope that your Mom is doing okay & recovers quickly. Praying for you both & your entire family!

  2. Thank you sweet girl. I love you and I’m so proud of the young woman you are. You have a heart of gold. And yes, I’m on my way to being my healthy, happy, crazy self!

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